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What is

GlassApp implements augmented reality to simulate the effect of numerous styles and shapes of glasses(sunglasses) without actually going to physical stores.

Our technology identifies users face through image processing and photo manipulation in order to virtually try on glasses.

Personalized product previews will increase user engagement, and retailers conversions.


Is to provide consumer fun and friendly interface through technology that will help retailers to increase their sales and improve customers experience.

Why GlassApp?

Try Before you buy

The most important criteria, influencing customer choice of glasses - is how they look.

We are providing an effective virtual glasses try-on experience, and a seamless path to purchase before visiting physical stores.

This B2B solution will help brands to differentiate themselves from competitors and draw people into physical stores

Business model

Our team:

  • Builds and implements application (IOS and Android)
  • Create or adapt the 3D models of your glasses database
  • Provides marketing support


  • Provide product database

Real-time facial
analysis and feature
tracking for photos

Accurate 3D facial feature tracking precisely measures and tracks movements and expressions through unique technology developed by our team.

How the app will help to generate sales?

A customer who can accurately see how glasses actually fit before going to physical store, will be able to purchase with more certainty and satisfaction.

Fun experience for social users

In app we are bringing fun experience, by introducing such features as:

These features will encourage mobile users to download the app and enjoy fun experience.


Modern technologies under your brand!

What do we need?

Retail partners, who assist in providing products database, and are ready to implement AR to create a digital connection with their consumers.

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